Thursday, March 31, 2005

Keeping Secrets

We had a little birthday dinner for Mom at Lazzari’s last night. We stuffed ourselves on their delicious pasta and sauces and bread, oh my! Emily discovered the joys of Tiramisu! Life’s a little better when you know that pleasure. A good time was had by all, except maybe Reece, who was pooped out from all his activities that day. Scroll down and you’ll see what he did for some of the time.

It was supposed to be a surprise dinner/birthday party for Mom. I say supposed to be because my dear Auntie Linda squealed, or cackled, I should say, at 7am yesterday morning to Mom. Yes, Auntie I know all about it, because like you, Mom cannot keep a secret either. It’s a known fact that you don’t tell Linda, Ann (Mom), or Bera anything you don’t want everyone else to know. I love you anyway, women who’ve influenced me for forty-two years.

Love and kisses to all,

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