Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reece caught a big one!

Reece 10-7-06
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Reece made a special request that I post this photo on my blog. I think he's quite proud of his catch. And yes, he caught it; he's not just holding it. Good work, little nephew! I posted a few more of both little darlings on Flickr so go take a look.

7th grade volleyball

Volleyball 7th Grade 10-06
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I love this photo of Emily. Yes, volleyball is over for the year, and so is softball, so now it's on to basketball. Good luck, sweet Emily!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

Whenever I go to’s website, or Amazon’s, the page I see on my monitor shows items I should be interested in purchasing due to their relationship to items I’ve previously purchased. I just clicked on Amazon to look up some information on a book and it was covered with books about bipolarism. They must have me mistaken for someone else in my family. Or they know something I don’t know. I have, indeed, been off the antidepressants for over four months now and I feel fine. Not gloriously happy, but well enough to not feel the need to take meds anymore.

Last weekend, not this past weekend, but the one before, my mom and Auntie Linda and Roxy came for a visit. We had such a good time. The weather was beautiful and Roxy didn’t poop in my shoe this time and we found The Chocolate Factory and what else could we have wanted from a short weekend?

I am quite homesick. Not for Arkansas, but for a couple of really cute kids who live there and call me Aunt. Emily’s so busy that I only get to talk to her about every seven or eight days, and Reece is almost as busy. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break. Those poor kids are going to have me hugging and kissing on them until it’s past the point of ridiculous.

It’s cold and rainy here and I’m tucked into my blanket, sipping coffee, and feeling ever so cozy. I want to stay this way forever.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Book Talk

Here's my latest bedtime readings:

Edith Wharton's tragic story

This new one that I absolutely loved. It's written in strictly narrative form and the speaker is one big crazy nut of a woman and I love her.

A Vietnam War novel. I took a Vietnam War lit class as an undergrad, then one in grad school and I'm so hooked on this war. I read everything I can about it. This is a highly-praised novel, but not as good as Tim O'Brien's two about the war.

I started this crazy novel a couple of days ago. It reminds me a lot of Barry Hannah's writing and oddly enough the writer doesn't claim to have been influenced by Hannah.

Next up is Ward Just's newest. Never read him, but this one looked like a good one.

What's everyone else reading?