Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Ready For This Semester To Be OVER

I have a huge paper due Friday, so naturally I decided to post a blog entry. I think I'd rather paint my apartment, wax my car, and give Abby a bath instead of work on this paper.

How cute is this boy?

You don't get any sweeter than this one, either:

Couple more things:

I am disliking Barack Obama more and more every day. And I didn't like him much to begin with.

I also dislike overly-sensitive people who act like babies.

What about that sick f*ck in Austria? And no one knew about his secret life? For twenty-four years? I can't understand this.

I am stopping all things related to school right now and going to bed so that I can pick up this book where I left off at lunchtime. It's soooo good!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Always Great To Visit Home

Emily made this for me after I shamed her into it. I really was joking when I said that since she hadn't returned any of my calls, e-mails, or texts in like, forEVER, I was expecting a cake when I got to Arkansas. It really was cute, Emily, and very tasty! You little creative turd.

I got the best pics of the niece and nephew, you know, the ones I've mentioned a time or two on this blog. I'll post more pics in a few days. After I recover from the minibreak and get my paper finished.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Whatever It Was, It Worked!

Thanks for all the praying, finger crossing, throwing salt over your left shoulder, chanting, whatever. I got the assistantship! Yay! I start in August and I'll be teaching three classes and working in the MU library at the reference desk. This is the experience I need to get a job when I graduate and that is such a huge relief. Of course, I have to quit my job and I'm going to miss most of my coworkers, but I'm definitely taking a step in the right direction as far as my future is concerned.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut, then packing my car and heading to Arkansas until Wednesday. Emily's playing in a softball tournament tomorrow and Sunday, and I'll get to spend some time with Reece, too, and Mom, and Auntie Linda, and Bera. Cousin Luann's flying in from Austin and we, along with her adorable sisters Lisa and Janet, are going to Memphis on Tuesday to see Elvis Costello. We sort of love him. I'm going to celebrate all the good stuff that is happening before I have to come back to Missouri and bust my arse to get through my final papers of the semester.

So! That's all I've got now, but be sure and look to the right at my new pics on Flickr. Dawn sent them to me earlier this week. Of course they're of Emily and Reece! Who else?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Tidbits

Busy week! Lots of school work; only a few more weeks remaining of this semester, which has flown. Still haven't heard if I've gotten the TA position I applied for. According to Sandy, our advisor said it would be a while, so I'm a little on edge about it. I want to know now so I can plan and worry about something else!

This morning I was on campus before 8:00 to take part in National History Day. The state competition was held at MU and I was a judge for the junior high division of performances. I had to watch nine group performances. Of 7th- and 8th-graders. It was great. This year's theme was "Conflict and Compromise in History," and those kids were quite creative. Eight of the performances were about women in history, and several were about how important women were to the Civil War and WWII. I wanted to jump up and down at times because I'm so proud of girls today! They realize that our sex has gotten the shaft for SO LONG and they're not going to let it happen to them. I wish Emily could have seen those kids. She would have loved it, especially since they were her age.

After all that, Dawn and her boyfriend, Tucker, picked me up and we went for a really late lunch. Before I start some kind of family scandal, let me clarify. It was my friend, Dawn, not my sis-in-law who's married to my brother. I wouldn't want to go to lunch with her if she had a boyfriend. So, family, don't get all riled up about that, okay? Anyway, we had a good time over lunch and several cups of coffee. Tucker is a high school English teacher, so naturally I love him. Even if he is a man. Get this: we were talking while looking out the window at the snow. What? Yes! It snowed today. In a way it's good, though, because that delays the fact the I am going to have to get a pedicure. See how I took a bad thing and turned it into a good one? Always upbeat, yessir.

Now, I'm going to put away the computer and read a little for one of my classes, then I'm going to watch a couple of movies. They're piling up and I'm not getting my money's worth from Netflix if I don't watch the movies and return them for more.

I'll be back before the end of next week. Promise.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

I hardly got off the sofa yesterday until about 7 p.m. Why? I hosted a little Wine & Cheese party Friday night, and what I thought would last only a couple of hours went into the wee hours of the next morning! Yes, I forgot that twenty-year-olds can stay up all night. Everyone over thirty left by 10 o'clock, 'cause they have sense. Except me, of course. But, it does mean the little shits had a good time if they stayed that long, and I had a great time. I just love the young 'uns. I sort of think of them as my new nieces, since I don't get to see Emily that often anymore. Also, I promised them I'd have another party before the semester is over, since Lauren is graduating and won't be around next year. I'm going to have to start storing up my sleep right now! Party pics over on Flickr>>>

My mom came to visit last weekend and we had a really good visit. It was her birthday and we celebrated all weekend, including a visit to the casino, where we both won. That rarely happens. I'm going to Arkansas in a couple of weeks, too, and I get to watch Emily play in a softball tournament. And get lots of sugar from Reece. I'm just waiting, because it's going to happen soon, for Reece to want nothing to do with my smooches all over his cheeks.

Homework is calling. Gotta get it done so I can watch this movie.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Been Busy!

As if I had to actually take the quiz to learn this: