Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Ready For This Semester To Be OVER

I have a huge paper due Friday, so naturally I decided to post a blog entry. I think I'd rather paint my apartment, wax my car, and give Abby a bath instead of work on this paper.

How cute is this boy?

You don't get any sweeter than this one, either:

Couple more things:

I am disliking Barack Obama more and more every day. And I didn't like him much to begin with.

I also dislike overly-sensitive people who act like babies.

What about that sick f*ck in Austria? And no one knew about his secret life? For twenty-four years? I can't understand this.

I am stopping all things related to school right now and going to bed so that I can pick up this book where I left off at lunchtime. It's soooo good!


Library Lady said...

I'm not crazy about Obama either. But I have come to absolutely DESPISE the Clintons over the last month or so.

On the other hand, I loathe McCain beyond loathing, so I'll be happier voting for either of them compared to him!

Hope the paper turns out well!!

Miz S said...

I am obsessed with the guy in Austria. Josh has banned me from speaking of it.