Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Honey Nut Cheerios

Not all that much to tell, but hey - I'm making an effort. Most important things first: Emily is away at camp this week. Hope she's having a good time. Reece is enjoying being an only child for a week. I talked to him Sunday night and he said he was eating a bowl of cereal and I asked him if he wanted to call me back when he was finished eating and he said, "No, that's okay, this is my third bowl." He's a growing boy and I am quite happy that I do not have to pay his grocery bill. I remember when my two brothers and I were youngsters. It took at least one herd of cattle to keep us in milk for a week. All my mother ever did was haul groceries in from the store, fill the pantry, start another list and go back to the store. Bless her heart.

I went to the gym last night and rode the bicycle and lifted a couple of weights, but the place was so crowded I didn't get to use some of the machines I wanted. I'm going to a strength training class tomorrow night, then I'm going to start going to work out in the mornings at 5:30. YIKES, did I just write "5:30?" What the hell am I thinking? I'm thinking I will just train myself to get out of bed at 5 instead of 6 and get the workout over. We will see how it goes, but wish me luck, okay?

My Bosnian friend did actually buy my car. It's such a relief t0 have the car sold. Now I have to start seriously car shopping and I'm getting sick just thinking about it. I'm not particularly crazy about cars and don't much give a shit what I drive, but I'm going to buy a new car so I don't have to worry about any maintenance for a while. I'm thinking a Toyota right now. Bleh. It's such an ordeal and I dread having to talk to a car salesman.

warning: cheap ploy to encourage comments is next

Question: do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate? I just cannot decide. Had a piece of dark today and it was delicious. But milk is good too. What's your preference?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm Huge In Bosnia

Okay, so my stint at regular updating didn't last long, but I have a good excuse. I have been reading! I'd decided to give THIS bugger another try and was making some progress, when THIS OTHER ONE I'd ordered arrived and I had to start reading it because it might contain a paragraph I haven't already read a thousand times. I'm not finished with it; I want to savor it because I believe it's the last and most accurate Di Bio there is or will ever be. Steph, you'll want to read it as soon as you finish A Thousand Splendid Suns, which I know you're trying to get around to reading and will be so glad you did when you do. So, Faulkner is going to have to wait until I finish more important literature. I am so glad my former lit. professors do not read my blog.

I joined a gym yesterday. I begin tomorrow getting fit as a fiddle. Actually feel better having taken the first step. I loved the place and it has an impressive state-of-the-art weight room and cardio room and an indoor pool to die for, plus it's five minutes from my apartment. I then rewarded my good deed by purchasing several workout pants and t-shirts and now I'm ready to go. Come back in a few days and read how bloody sore I am.

While I was wandering around Target last night, I got a call and it was a fellow inquiring about my old car that I have for sale. (Remember my car saga back around Thanksgiving last year?) The guy had a really heavy accent of some kind and told me he worked at my apartment complex and wanted to look at my car. I told him I'd meet him in the parking in twenty minutes and rushed home to meet him. When I arrived, he and a friend, their wives, and about four children were milling around and I realized they were Bosnians. We have several Bosnian families in our complex. I introduced myself to my caller, Muhammed, and he said, "Ah, Vanessa is same in my country!" Then he told his wife, "something, something, something...Vanessa," and she smiled and said, "Ah, Vanessa!!" I got a kick out of that. I think I sold my car, but I'm not sure, and I couldn't understand exactly everything that went down in the business transaction, and it's too long to bore you with, but I do hope it works out because he needs a car and I need to get it sold, so keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Colors are Blush and Bashful

I had the best time over the weekend getting to see the family. Except Reece. No, it wasn't that I didn't enjoy him. He wasn't there. That baby went to camp for an entire week. I was worried he was going to get homesick, but I just spoke with him and he said he had an "awesome" time. I was also worried he wouldn't get enough to eat and he did say that they only ate three meals a day, no snacks. My brother says that Reece usually has his third meal of the day by 1:00 in the afternoon. When I spoke with Reece a minute ago he was in the car with his mom, dad, and Emily. Guess where they were going? IHOP. Guess he's got to make up for lost eating.

Emily played in a softball tournament over the weekend and I got to see her play, but mostly I sweated. Even my eyelashes were hot. Arkansas is hot as hell in June. I do not miss it, no I do not. However, it was worth it to see Emily play (her team placed second) and we were able to spend almost all of Friday together and go shopping and eat Mexican food and watch "Steel Magnolias." It was Emily's first time to watch it and my seven-hundredth, at least, and the very second Shelby bounced down those stairs complaining about her nail polish being too pink for her wedding dress, I started bawling and didn't stop until 30 minutes after the movie was over. That's what I call a Superb Chick Flick. Emily loved it too, what she saw between text messages. That teenager. I have a good photo of her I'll post on Flickr tomorrow.

Also got to do some shopping with Mom and we enjoyed having our morning coffee chats. That's my favorite part of seeing my mom - the morning visits. Abby misses her, too. Also got to have breakfast with Grandmother Bera on Sunday. She's 91 and still reads a couple of novels every week and absolutely never ever misses "Wheel of Fortune." (or "Wheel" as she calls it) She was in a good mood and it was a good visit. I rarely get to see Auntie Linda when I'm home, but she was here last weekend so I'm good with her.

I've got to go now and read my book that came in the mail today. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. So, come back then!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sherry, Baby

Have you noticed? I've been updating more frequently! Yes!

Just two more days and I get to see my Emily. When she was a little girl, she referred to me as "My Vanessa." I melted every time she said that. Now look at her:

Auntie Linda came for a visit over the weekend and we had a great time. We toured some wineries, a.k.a. sampled a lot of wine and ate some good food, and went to the casino and did some shopping and talked and talked and talked. I think that was the best part of the visit: the talking. That and how she completely showed her ass in the restaurant at the winery and I got to bring that up all weekend and tease her unceasingly about it.

I bought a bottle of sherry after sampling it. I had no idea how much I liked it. Then I had to go buy some sherry glasses, since I got rid of the ones I had because I never drank sherry.

I took some photos of the weekend and I'd love to post them here, but Blogger won't let me. I'm too lazy to try very hard, though, so come back and look later, maybe I'll have them posted. Must go now. Gotta pour a glass of sherry.



Friday, June 08, 2007

Dooley and buddy looking for Aunt Vanessa's car. So sad...

Ah, poor Dooley. The family got together last night to celebrate Dave's birthday and Dooley just knew his favorite aunt would be there, but she wasn't. Bless his sweet little heart. Don't worry, Dools, I'll be home next weekend and I'll make it up to you, darling Dachshund!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

You're As Old As Sergeant Pepper

It was forty years ago today,

I heard my pregnant mama say,

It's time to get this big old baby out,

Even if I have to scream and shout.

Now let me introduce to you

The one who is my mama's fave,

Emily and Reece's daddy, Dave!

Happy Birthday, brother dear.

You are now O-ficially an old fart.

Love you,


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This is the look of an extremely ecstatic teenager who's had her braces off for literally two minutes. The background is definitely the orthodontist's office! I talked to her today and she said she feels so good to finally have them off! She was a good sport about the braces, however; I don't remember her ever complaining about them, but nevertheless, she's happy with her new, beautiful smile. Yes, Dave, lock her in her room and force her to take up quilting already.
Meanwhile, I'm all excited because Auntie Linda's coming up for the weekend. We're planning a day in Hermann, MO visiting wineries. That should be fun. I am loving the weather. It's about ten degrees cooler than it is in Arkansas and that suits me fine. Too bad we had to suffer all the snow in the winter, but I think it's worth it to get this very pleasant late spring weather. Totally different tune than the one I was singing in February, I know. That one always began with, "This damned snow..."
I just finished THIS book. I stupidly started it Sunday night at 9:30 and was up until 12:30 reading, then read on my lunch hour, then read this morning until 1:30 and had an hour to go to get to the end when I got home from work tonight. Now I'm sleepy as hell, but it was worth it. So, by all means, read the book, especially if you liked The Kite Runner. I think this one is even better, at least more interesting and provides a lot of recent Afghan history that I find fascinating. And the characters! Oh, they (the two women at least) were lovely and strong and by no means one-dimensional. I was crying in the breakroom at work today while reading, and I never cry. Just don't take this one to the beach with you; it's not a fun summer read by any definition.
After three postponements, I am finally going to the dentist tomorrow. Wish me luck. I swear I'd rather visit the gynecologist than the dentist.
Check back Thursday for a little birthday poem.