Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Awesome Emily!

I know I say this all the time, but, I can't believe you're fourteen, Emily! How did that happen? You're the sweetest girl and I'm so very lucky to be your aunt. You bring joy to everyone with your hilarious sense of humor and that gorgeous smile. I know your dad would love it if you were ugly and wanted to stay home and watch CNN on Friday night, but clearly that's never going to happen. You've got the most active social life I've ever imagined. And talk about smart! You succeed at everything you do academically. Hello, Ivy League. You're not so bad at the sports thing, either, you all-star softball/basketball player! You, my dear, are the total package and amaze me every time I talk to you with your intelligence. And, you love to read on top of all that! Stop all this growing up, already.

Aunt Vanessa

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Enough, already!

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Yesterday was great. It was almost 40 degrees; there was very little evidence of the ice storm we'd had earlier in the week. Well. So much for the good weather. I woke up to this.

I got my haircut yesterday. Went to a new hair stylist that my friend, Dawn, recommended and I was very pleased. She gave me a good cut and my hair looked shiny and healthy when she was finished. I bought some Aveda products, too. I'm a sucker for anything that says it'll make your hair look fuller and healthier. The best part of the haircut experience was the fact that my new hair stylist, yes I'm going to keep her, didn't talk my ear off. She chatted a little, but didn't tell me all about her cheating husband or her lazy friend or her awful mother-in-law. I loved it. Of course, I'm always going to miss Marka, my Arkansas hair stylist, but I had to find someone here to cut my hair and I think I've found the perfect person.

Reece has been sick with strep throat. Bless his heart. I talked to him Friday night and he sounded really sick, but a little better yesterday. Here's to you, Reece, you precious sweetheart. Hope you're much better today.

Go over to my Flickr pics to see my new furniture! Love the color. The ottoman is actually the same color as the sofa and chair, it just looks lighter in the photos because of the texture of the fabric. I'm so glad I "went for it" and got the red, and I have a couple of throws and throw pillow options so I can change it whenever I feel like it. I'm truly starting to feel like the diva is awakening in me! Next thing you know, I'll be wearing gold shoes in the daytime.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iced In

I just had the best nap. The entire state is covered in ice and it's been drizzling more freezing rain, so I haven't left my apartment all day. Have a lot of assignments to work on, though, so I didn't really need to be napping, but Abby was, and she needed me to snuggle with her. So, I just did it for her, being the martyr that I am.

Congratulation to Emily for winning her science fair. Told you she was brilliant. And science isn't really her thing, but she had a great project: What genre of music makes you walk the fastest? Turns out it's Hip Hop. I hope she sends me her paper; I'd like to read it. I probably should text her and ask for it. Did you know that teenagers no longer talk? They only text. They're a very quiet generation, actually. They text and they listen to their iPods. Parents don't even know they're around. I'm sure my parents are feeling cheated out of that. I was the loudest teenager in the world, with the talking on the phone and the listening to Led Zeppelin on my eight track. (I'll explain those last terms to you, Emily, sometime!)

Auntie Linda was supposed to be coming up to visit over the weekend, but she has gallstones. Bitch. She has an appointment to see a surgeon Monday and then she's going to have surgery. Wish I could be there to take care of her. I had the same problem in my mid-twenties and it was no fun at all. Here's hoping she's up and about in record time. If she's down for too long, the casinos will close.

I still haven't taken updated pics of my living room, with the gorgeous new furniture. Maybe I'll do that later. Now, I'm going to watch a movie and then catch the Clinton/Obama debate. Guess who I'm supporting?


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Lisa and Trevor
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This is Lisa and her husband, Trevor. I met Lisa last year when she joined our office. She's an amazing writer and has the most unique outlook on life. I think she's one of the brightest people I've ever known, not to mention hilarious. Everyone loves her. She and Trevor have joined the Peace Corps and are leaving Tuesday for Zambia. They'll be there two years, and last night we said goodbye to them at a party. I'm posting a link to their blog so you can read about them. Lisa does the writing and you'll love it. More party pics over on Flickr>>>>>>

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Too Much Homework

Every night this week I've had to go home from work and do more work. That's not a complaint, really. But it's an excuse for not posting an entry on this sad little blog.

Bought new furniture and it was delivered Saturday. It's gorgeous: brick red sofa and chair, floral tapestry-looking upholstered ottoman that Abby loves to sleep on. I'm really excited about it. Once I get all the accessories in place I'll post a photo. Plus I need to buy a new lamp. One thing always calls for another.

Went to a party Saturday night. I never party. It was fun, and I met some interesting people.

Auntie's coming up later this month to go to an Irish Music concert. Want to bet we go gambling, too? I keep getting "free" money coupons from the casino and I hate to let them go to waste.