Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iced In

I just had the best nap. The entire state is covered in ice and it's been drizzling more freezing rain, so I haven't left my apartment all day. Have a lot of assignments to work on, though, so I didn't really need to be napping, but Abby was, and she needed me to snuggle with her. So, I just did it for her, being the martyr that I am.

Congratulation to Emily for winning her science fair. Told you she was brilliant. And science isn't really her thing, but she had a great project: What genre of music makes you walk the fastest? Turns out it's Hip Hop. I hope she sends me her paper; I'd like to read it. I probably should text her and ask for it. Did you know that teenagers no longer talk? They only text. They're a very quiet generation, actually. They text and they listen to their iPods. Parents don't even know they're around. I'm sure my parents are feeling cheated out of that. I was the loudest teenager in the world, with the talking on the phone and the listening to Led Zeppelin on my eight track. (I'll explain those last terms to you, Emily, sometime!)

Auntie Linda was supposed to be coming up to visit over the weekend, but she has gallstones. Bitch. She has an appointment to see a surgeon Monday and then she's going to have surgery. Wish I could be there to take care of her. I had the same problem in my mid-twenties and it was no fun at all. Here's hoping she's up and about in record time. If she's down for too long, the casinos will close.

I still haven't taken updated pics of my living room, with the gorgeous new furniture. Maybe I'll do that later. Now, I'm going to watch a movie and then catch the Clinton/Obama debate. Guess who I'm supporting?


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