Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Too Many Events to Ever Catch Up

I'd given up posting here, obviously, but I never could quite delete Aunt Vanessa all together. I don't read many blogs anymore, since I seem to waste my time with games on Facebook!

I just read my last post about how much I loved my job. That's hilarious. As I write, I'm looking at boxes everywhere in my apartment. I'm packing to move back to Arkansas and I cannot wait to get out of this town. The honeymoon was over quickly and I fell out of love with the town and the job. I do, however, have a really good job to go to in Arkansas, so I am exceptionally grateful for that. I'm also grateful that I have my wonderful Pete to rely on. He's looking forward to being closer to my family, too. They all love him, so we're going to have a big, mushy lovefest when we arrive in Arkansas.

Much more to tell later.