Saturday, May 03, 2008

Procrastinating, Again

That huge paper I had due Friday? The professor extended the due date to next Thursday! I am determined, however, to have it turned in by tomorrow night so that I can relax for the next couple of weeks.

My practicum in the MU Library's Cataloging Dept. begins the third week of May and goes until the end of June. I'll be working my job until 2:30 each day, then trotting over to the library to work (learn) until 5:00 each day. I will be pooped by the time it's all over, but I'll have it done! Then, I can relax and simply work full-time until July 25, when I quit, and take a couple of weeks off before coming back to Columbia to train for my assistantship, which starts when classes resume in late August. Sounds like I've got it all planned, huh? And it wasn't easy trying to get all these dates straight. I'm already looking forward to Christmas Break.

It's 8:30 on a Saturday morning and it sounds as if my upstairs neighbors are having a party. An aerobics party that involves throwing really heavy objects on the floor and then running outside. I want to go up there and tell them to shut up, but they don't speak English very well. Plus, I'd have to put on a bra and that's not going to happen today. I need the breathing room so I can write this paper. Which reminds me that I need to go make some more coffee and get to work.

I posted a few more pics on Flickr. There's one of Halen, too. Go look at how cute the babies are.

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