Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's a Synonym for Stress?

No, I didn't forget I have a blog, although most of you have stopped reading, and I really don't blame you. Who wants to check in to find the same post every day for weeks on end? It's just that I've been beyond exhausted. Stress wears me out, now. I used to be able to deal with it better, but now I just get all tired and cranky. I earned an "A" in both classes for the semester, so I can rejoice in that. I'm now doing my practicum in cataloging. I realized that I love cataloging and can't wait to graduate and go to work! There are jobs for catalogers everywhere in the world, including the UK, and I'm going to start exploring all the options.

Funny thing is happening with the family back home. Mom and Auntie Linda have been toying with the idea of living together. They're sisters, and great friends, and they have thought they'd be good housemates, so they decided to sell both houses, and the one who sold her house first would move in with the other one and see how it goes. So, Auntie sold her house last month and moved in with my mom. Things were going fine, and then Mom's house sold last week, and they have to be out by the end of this month! Now Auntie and Mom are about to be homeless. They are frantically searching for a suitable vacant abode as I write. Next time I go for a visit, I may be sleeping in a tent! I'll keep you updated on their drama.

Reece is coming up for a visit on Friday. I'm off Monday, so we'll have a long weekend. David is driving him halfway on Friday afternoon and I'm picking him up. David, Dawn, and Emily (she'd better, anyway) will drive halfway up to Columbia on Monday and we'll have lunch and they'll take Reece home with them. I can't wait to spend some time with the boy. He's requested some movies, and he's really excited about getting to spend the weekend in Missouri. He likes visiting here and I'm going to load him down with MU souvenirs while he's here. And kisses.

I've mentioned my favorite blog to you, I know. Well, this post defines me better than I could ever define myself.

I'll be back later this week, and will make it an interesting read, even if I have to make shit up.

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Miz S said...

I scanned your post for comma infractions but haven't found any. I think it's cool that your mom and Auntie Linda are combining households. It makes so much sense!

Have fun with Reece this weekend.