Monday, March 21, 2005

Comment from Emily

Emily is on Spring Break, so she's reading and commenting early in the day:

"I am coming with you to visit Angela in Paris, because it definitely wouldn't be fair if you got to go to 2 different countries as FUN as Paris and London are, especially 2 times in one year!!! I really couldn't care less about missing school, so when you think about going to Paris, book a flight for TWO!!!!! Call me when you get this because I want to talk to you about the Memphis trip, because I wasn't very social when we called last night; I was completely pooped!!! Dooley is very glad to be home, and his new bone gives him the burps. I'll tell more,if you call me!!! Love ya love ya!!!Bye!!! PS: I'll ask Mom if we can come visit you today.Bye!!!! :) --Posted by Emily to Aunt Vanessa at 3/21/2005 11:08:17 AM "

Hard to believe she's ONLY ELEVEN.
I love you, Em! And Terrica does, too!


Ssass said...

OMG I can't believe how young she is... I was shocked when you said that. Kids grow up so fast these days!

Emily said...

I know I just talked to you like 5 seconds ago, but please tell Sara to e-mail or post a comment to you, Ness. If you can get ahold of her, I said "How did you come across my aunt's blog? For goodness' sake she actually lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States.Seriously, I would like to know."

Emily said...

I kinda forgot, ask Sara how things in the good 'ole UK are, if possible.I love you Ness!!!!

Your Niece said...

One more thing, ask Sara if like everyone there knows you. If so, they are lucky, 'cause your blog is AWESOME!!!!!!