Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Puppy Love

So. I went to Emily and Reece's to stay with them for a couple hours tonight while their parents went out. As you know, they are perfect and brilliant and cute and wonderful. Oh, and I sort of love 'em. The three of us snuggled up on the sofa and watched the second Harry Potter movie. I'm way behind, having seen only the first one and never the second or third. (Emily's read all five books and informed me tonight that on June 16th, the sixth book will be released. She's definitely a fan of Harry Potter.) Anyway, while we were watching the movie, Dooley kept bringing us his girlfriend, a pink teddy bear that he constantly is either chewing or "loving" if you know what I mean. We would snatch Girlfriend from his teeth and throw her into the hallway and Dooley would run and grab her and bring her back. It got a little annoying after an hour. Finally, Reece decided he'd had enough of that fun and got in the floor and started to play with Dooley. Dooley continually licked Reece in the mouth and Reece let him...lick him in the mouth...more than once. You know where a dog's mouth and tongue usually are? I am no longer asking my nephew for a kiss. You are now off the hook, Reece.

Love to all,

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