Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Annoying Technology

Yeah, right, give me a break with the cell phones. I started back to the gym tonight after work and I noticed that at least one third of the kids there were talking on their cell phones while working out. Some of them were running on the treadmill, yes, running and trying to have a conversation. I know I would hate to be on the receiving end of one of those conversations. And who are these kids anyway? What could be so important that they have to talk while running? It isn’t like they’re business tycoons making a multi-million dollar deal. Can’t you guys plan your next party after you stop panting?? Call me crotchety if you want, but that was really getting on my nerves. Actually, I really don’t like cell phones at all. They are so misused that Emily Post would have a stroke if she saw the behavior associated with them. True, I own one, and I use it occasionally, but within reason!!! And yes, I was so glad I had mine one day when my car died at a very busy intersection. However, use some common sense and manners, people. I know this one person who wears the cell phone and it’s on vibrate, so when this person gets a call and you’re having a conversation with this person, you are not aware that this person is getting a call until this person puts the phone up to his/her ear and says "hello" so you’re still talking up to that point and feeling like an idiot. Would it really kill you, unidentified person, to just say, upon feeling the vibration, "excuse me, I have a call???" No it would not.
Tomorrow night I think I’ll take my cell phone to the gym and pretend I’m talking to someone and having a huge fight. I’ll shout and swear and get belligerent. Then I’ll start crying and tell the phantom person on the other end of the line that it’s over, and I don’t love ‘em anymore. Yeah, I think that’s a plan.

Big smooch,

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