Saturday, March 05, 2005

Driving Through Town and What I Saw

Wow, it's finally a nice Saturday to go outside!! I took my first outing in a week and did some birthday shopping then stopped by and watched Emily practice softball for a short while. Emily, you're really hitting that ball! I didn't get to see her in the catcher's position, which was what I was really wanting to see. She was playing first base when I was there, and doing a good job. I love watching her play and I think this new team, The Fast-Pitch Fury, is going to be good!

I also got to see Reece's new bike! It's awesome, Reece! I'll include photos of it in this entry.

Emily and I were talking on the phone earlier today and she asked me when I was going to post a new entry, and I told her I needed to leave the house for a while in order to have something to say. Being cooped up inside all week has done little for my imagination. So, I'm driving down Highland Drive today and see this truck approaching me and it had those big white letters across the front windshield. You know the kind. Well, these said "REDNECK WOMAN" as big as life. I swear. I always thought "redneck" was an insult, but oh, no! Not in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This woman was driving what looked like a relatively new truck (not exactly sure how old, and it was either a Ford or Chevrolet I think) and she actually spent money to have that on the windshield for everyone to see! Well, probably her husband had those put on the windshield for Valentine's Day. Just makes me believe in love again. Then, as I approach an intersection I see a Ford Bronco (I know those vehicles since I used to drive one) with letters on its windshield, too. His said "Krunch"!! To make it even more interesting, he had the cutest 'lil skull and crossbones on the back window. Absolutely charming. I wonder if he's single. So, as I make my way through this glorious community, I'm thinking, "What, did they have a huge sale at the Redneck Store?" Okay, maybe not, since I saw one on a car in the 'hood, too. (I can say that, 'cause I live in the 'hood.) This car had the letters on the back window and they said, "CAUGHT YOU LOOKING" - you sure did, buddy. I think I'll get me some of those letters and put them on my car. Maybe mine will say: DOGS ARE PEOPLE TOO...or...I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. If anyone knows Krunch, tell him Goober says "Hey!"

Aunt Linda and I are going to see "The Aviator" tonight. I'll give you my review on it tomorrow. I think we're eating a O'Charley's before the film. I'll definitely give you my review of the meal. Which reminds me, Weight Watchers has been postponed this week, since I've been at home and done little else but eat. Sure has been fun, but next week it's back to counting points.

Hi to Cousins Lisa and Janet. I ran into them at Wal-Mart today. They are so cool, I just love 'em. Looking forward to Memphis In May!!

Take care, all, and sent me your comments or e-mails so I'll have something to talk about.

Love to everyone,

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