Monday, April 11, 2005

Your Grammar Lesson For Monday, My "Friend's"

Heather, supernurse and friend, just sent me this e-mail. We are grammar and punctuation nuts and talk about this kind of stuff all the time:

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but here are a couple of my grammar pet peeves I am not sure we have discussed: Inappropriate placement of apostrophes and quotation marks. I hate when people put an apostrophe in any word that ends in "s." They make plural words possessive when they are not freaking possessing anything! I also hate when people use quotation marks to emphasize something. For example: Lunch "Special" $4.99, Today "Only" Here is a classic though (the sighting that prompted this email)!!! I was driving to Little Rock (surprise) on Friday. You know those big magnets that people use to advertise their businesses on their automobiles? Well, I apparently passed someone who owns the business that makes those magnets. They had a big one on the side of their van that said :

Advertise Your Business With Magnet’s

So, people, "remember" this when you start to write letter's, okay???

Much more later,


Eddo said...

Hey Aunt "V", Please don't come down on me too hard when I use incorrect grammar. Your post is "Hilarious!"

Thank's for stopping by Posted Note and leaving a comment, I love new commenter's and I hope to be a professional blogger "someday".

Have a wonderful week!

Angela in Europe said...

seriously, i hate it when people do that, too, but it is not as bad as alot.

Vanessa said...

And even WORSE is 'to' instead of 'too' - example: I am to tired to argue. (Which I never am.)

Anonymous said...

I could have written "that email!" Argh that stuff drive's me nut's!

The worst is too many exclaimation points!!!!!!!!! My boss does that all the time and it drives me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Sue said...

how about elipses...i can handle a few... but seriously...isn't there another way to punctuate...i dunno...