Sunday, April 17, 2005

It's Tough Being A Boy

The nephew, Reece, had a bicycle wreck Friday afternoon and he had to have five stitches in his chin. My brother, David, said it was pretty awful when it happened and he knew he was going to have to take him to the doctor. Dawn called me around 3:00 Friday afternoon and asked, "Guess where I'm going?" It didn't sound good. She then said she was on her way to Urgent Care because David had called her to tell her about Reece's accident and he said it looked pretty bad. He, David, is good in emergencies and doesn't panic, so Dawn didn't panic. My brother is so level-headed. I'm very, very glad Reece is okay, since he went flying over his bike head-first and it could have been much worse. Whew. Boys. Look at these photos I took today. Reece, this is definitely blog-worthy, buddy! I love you little guy!

Love to all,


Amanda Sue said...

i am an aunt too! my neice is only 10 months old, but she is constantly injured. most recently, her mom fell with her in a parking lot (see "extra, extra" on my blog) but before that she blacked her eye learning to crawl. with her, i am sure i won't lack blog topics!

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Those pictures made my toes curl and my stomach churn. I hate booboos!

Or I guess Reece is too old for it to be a booboo... I meant to say "I hate wipeouts dood! That's narly!"

Yeah, I'm a dork.