Thursday, April 21, 2005

Would You Like An Eggroll With That?

Last night, Auntie Linda and I went out for Chinese food. We were stuffed when we left the restaurant. An hour later, I was talking to my brother, David, and we were talking about what we liked best at the All-You-Can-Eat-Chinese-Food-Buffet, and I told him I could eat a ton of the noodles and sushi. He said his favorite is the eggrolls. I added a little mmm hmmm to that, then he said, "Those things are $2 each at the convenience store, so when I go to the buffet, I'm always counting $2, $2, $2 for every eggroll I eat. I try to eat forty-dollars' worth every time. I guess I have to put a convenience store value on everything." Does anyone else think that's as funny as I think it is?

Congratulations to the Fury (Emily's softball team) for their win tonight. It went into overtime and they won 7 to 5. Good game, girls! Em, you were an awesome catcher, as usual!



Angela in Europe said...

The thought of someone trying to eat 20 eggrolls at one time is quite amusing. I think I might want to see that sometime.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela in Europe,
It can be done.....pacing yourself is the key. You have to keep going back to the buffet and get about 2 or 3 at a time. If the Chinese guy monitoring the Habachi chicken limits (2 at a time) sees you with 20 eggrolls on one plate he will start yelling at you in a high pitched-voice and will then charge you extra.

I usually bring a change of clothes with me and continuously go to the restroom and change my appearance in order to go undetected. You can also use a small child to transport the golden brown delicacies to your table to escape the scrutiny of the watchful buffet master.

One last technique I find is useful when I am close to completing my goal is to pull the fire alarm. During the ensuing melee one finds it rather easy to obtain the final 6 or so eggrolls to finish the task at hand while everyone is scrambling to get out of the building. Remember, no pushing or shoving, single-file line, women and children first.

Angela in Europe said...

See, I think you should live on the edge, throw caution to the wind and get all 20 at once. Let the yelling Asian man have his say. Monitoring, yelling buffet watchers are only placed there to test your level of commitment.

Anonymous said...

Good point.......grasshopper has never tested the resolve of buffetmaster. Carpe Diem!! (or Carpe Eggroll)

Besides, if things go awry as a result of pushing the eggroll envelope, there are at least 16 other Chinese restaurants in town.

Vanessa said...

I now know what I'm getting my brother for his birthday.

Anonymous said...

The sad part of this previous statement is that she is not joking!! I will now be aware of any birthday presents with either water (frozen eggrolls) or grease (already prepared eggrolls) oozing from the giftwrap. You gotta' get up pretty early in the A.M. to get one by the other brother.

I hear La Choy microwavable eggrolls are tasty. The big ones, not the bite size.

eddo of Posted Note said...

20 eggrolls? I have never done it, 22 Enchiladas at Panchos, been there, done that - threw them up on the way home - but man it is fun to be a guy.

Love the pics too! I am going to Hawaii at the end of May, I plan to have some good photos for everyone... take care Aunt V!

your niece said...


Vanessa said...

He's the funniest goober in the family, Emily. And, he's living proof that the family gene pool needs some chlorine!
I love you, too, baby doll!