Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Only Time I Enjoy Driving

My seven-year-old nephew, Reece, and I have our best conversations when we’re in the car:

Reece: Hey, Nessa?
Vanessa: Yes, Reece?
R: When I grow up and get big I’m going to have a lot of money.
V: Oh, yeah?
R: Yeah, I already have my own wallet.
V: Oh, wow.
R: And I know what I’m going to be when I get big.
V: What’s that, Reece?
R: I’m going to be a paper boy and make a lot of money.
V: That’s great, Reece, but you probably won’t make a lot of money being a paper boy.
R: Why? Don’t people like paper boys?

He's so cute. At this moment I want to pull over the car and squeeze him.

In Reece’s world paperboys would be millionaires, and nurses who give shots would be paupers.


Anonymous said...

That's so freeking cute! In preschool Aiden has been learning about occupations, and he wants to be all of them. I think this week he plans on being an astronaut that plays hockey and has a farm on the moon. Gage and I got talking and he said he wanted to be a graphic designer like me. I kindly suggested that his loving nature, concern for others and really big smarts would make him an excellent doctor. Yes, I am evil.

Emily Merrell said...

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