Sunday, April 03, 2005

These are Abby's toys. They were once Happy Meal toys that Emily or Reece left at my house, or I found in my car, but nevertheless, they are now Abby's. Notice how dirty Squirrel is. Abby likes to take them by their legs and thrash them around with her teeth, one at time, while keeping her paws on the other two. That's why they are always together. I've never found one of them more than a few inches away from the other two. Now, for the reason I took this photo: see the three little brown things in the lower left-hand corner? Those are pieces of dog food. I watched Abby bring them from her dog dish (in her mouth) and drop them there. "Actual Unretouched Photograph!" Yes, three pieces of food for her three little buddies. My brother, Dave, saw this and rolled his eyes and said it was "just a coincidence." Yeah, sure, Dave, and if it had been YOUR CHILDREN I bet you'd be showing it to me and telling me HOW SMART THEY ARE. (Okay, never mind that Abby's a dog and your kids are human and brilliant.) I still think it's a funny pic and I'm cracking up at the fact that I took the photo and am now posting it. This is what you do when you're supposed to be working on a paper. Posted by Hello

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