Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Beautiful Little Girl...

Apparently I don't blog enough to satisfy Emily. Sorry, doll. I hope this story about YOU will pacify you for a while:

One Friday night when my niece, Emily, was a wee lass, she was spending the night with me. She was five years old at the time, or maybe just four. My friend, Myca, called and asked me if I would ride with her to her husband’s workplace so that she could take him some dinner. "Sure," I said, "but Emily’s with me." "No problem," Myca said, "we’ll put her car seat in the back seat of the Blazer, and after we go see Ben, we’ll take Emily for ice cream." So, off we went. Emily has always known all my friends and they all love having her around. We took care of Myca’s hubby, then we headed for Baskin-Robbins. While we were driving along, we were talking, and Emily said, "I want to tell you something. This is very, very serious, and I mean it." I’d never heard her so serious. She was five - what could possibly be that serious to her? I looked at Myca, and she opened her eyes really wide as if in fear, almost, and then I looked back at Emily and she looked so grown up. Then she said, "When I grow up.......I’m going to marry Nick Carter." (I think he was a Backstreet Boy.) Myca almost drove her Blazer off the road. I was trying to hold back the laughter and the tears I felt coming on. I think I managed to squawk out something like, "Oh, really, Sweetie? You really love him, huh?" Myca was looking out the window and patting her face to keep back the tears. She was also shaking because she was laughing but didn't want Emily to see her. Emily, sweetheart, we were dying!!! You were SO cute and SO mature right then. I was praying that neither Myca nor I would laugh out loud and hurt your feelings. For months after that, every time I talked to Myca she would say, "I have something to tell you and I’m very, very serious!" That Friday night was one of the funniest nights I ever remember.

Is it any wonder why I love that little girl so much? She's amazed me everytime I've ever been around her and she still does - every time I talk to her!

Love you all,


Emily Merrell said...

I can't remember saying that, but it doesn't suprise me, not one bit. Now I want to tell you something. This is very, very serious, and I mean it. When I grow up..........I'm going to marry Orlando Bloom.SERIOUSLY!!!!! Well, that is, if I can convince him to QUIT BEING A DARNED BUDDHIST!!!!!!!! I know I will at least carry on a conversation with him, someday, I just haven't figured out how.......YET(Note, I said yet, not just I haven't figured out how). Great blog, I think you know why, too. Anyway, thanks for blogging, and............

LOVE YA LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vanessa said...

Oh, Emily, if there were any way on this earth I could make the Orlando Bloom thing happen for you, I would. But hey, I know you'll get to meet him somehow, once you're all grown up, and he'll take one look at those huge brown eyes of yours and...well...he'll forget all about that lil' ol' Buddha!