Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rain, Mosquitos, Softball Season Is Finally Here!

We poor Arkansans are suffering from inconsistent weather and sinus problems. All of us. One day it's sunny and very warm, the next day it's cold and rainy, and it keeps going back and forth, back and forth. Oh, yeah, it's April! I still determine the time of year by the school calendar, and I know that around finals, in early May it finally (hmmm...finals...finally...a connection...and too many elipses) gets warm and the rain leaves for good until the end of summer, which is a whole 'nuther ballgame. Summers are awful when you're an adult. First, it's too stinking hot here. And the humidity! Don't get me started. It's only worse in Louisianna. We also have the priviledge of being visited each summer by a trillion billion mosquitos. I swear, when I'm applying to doctoral programs later this year, I'm going to take into consideration the possibility of mosquitos and that will weigh heavily upon my decision as to where I go to school. I want nowhere near the little suckers. I've paid my dues. Second, when it's summer I want to play. I don't want to go to work. Emily and Reece go swimming every day in the summer. They have so much fun and I want to play with them!

Summer is softball season, however, and that is its only saving grace. I am a Softball Aunt. (Similar to a Soccer Mom only more ridiculous.) I just cannot wait to start going to Emily's games. It is so thrilling to watch her play. When she's up to bat, my stomach starts knotting up and I squeeze my buttcheeks and hold my breath until she swings. When she strikes out (which isn't very often) I want to scream, "Wait! That wasn't her fault! That pitcher doesn't know what she's doing! Give her one more try! She'll hit it all the way to outfield if you'll give her one more swing!" And the look on Emily's face when she hits a triple or a homerun! She looks so satisfied. She glows. She's on a new team this year, and I cannot remember their name, but their colors are Hot Pink and Black. How cool is that? Lots of luck, Emily, and luck to your teammates, too. Your opponents don't know what's about to hit them!

I'll be taking care of a friend all day tomorrow who is having surgery. I haven't asked her if it's okay to post anything about it, so that' s all I'll say about it. I will take my laptop with me and hopefully be able to write a lot of junk for future posts. Until then, love to all and keep warm!



Emily Merrell said...

My team's name is FURY. REMEMBER that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa said...

This is why I love this girl. She's bossy and she knows how to use apostrophes. Chip off the old aunt block.