Monday, April 25, 2005

Tunnel of Love

While talking to my brother, David, at the softball park Saturday, he told me a funny one about his son and my nephew, Reece, who is seven years old. Who, by the way, had his stitches removed and he is doing just fine.

Last Friday at Emily's and Reece’s school, they had a "Fun Day" in which all the kids had a picnic and some sort of carnival. They had this really cool tunnel, which looked like a caterpillar, that the kids could walk through. While they were all playing and jumping around and having fun, Rachel, one of Reece’s schoolmates with whom he exchanged Valentines this year, tugged at my brother’s sleeve and said, "He kissed me." David, of course, knew she was referring to Reece, and he asked, "where?????" She pointed to the caterpillar and said, "in there." David said, "no, I meant where on YOU did he kiss you?" She pointed to her cheek. "Whew," David thought. When I asked Reece for details about Fun Day and mentioned that his dad told me to ask him about the caterpillar, Reece looked at me as if nothing had happened. I guess he doesn’t kiss and tell.

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Angela in Europe said...

He sounds like a dream guy. Too bad he is only 7.