Sunday, April 17, 2005

Add This Recipe To Your List

Auntie Linda and I were having dinner together last Monday and we were talking about food, of course, and she mentioned that her son, Ryker, who delivered pizza while in college, knew how to make those fabulous chocolate chip dessert pizzas! She couldn’t remember the ingredients, so she called him and he gave them to her over the phone. Want them? I don’t have the exact measurements, that’s something we’ll have to figure out for ourselves, but it couldn’t be that difficult:

Pizza Crust
Yellow Cake Mix
Melted Butter
Water (just enough to moisten)
Mini Chocolate Chips

Mix the cake mix, sugar, and butter together. Add a little water. Pour batter over pizza crust then top with chocolate chips. Bake.

I’m going to try this very soon. If you try it, let me know, and I’ll post the results.

I'll write more later after I go take some photos of Reece. He has stitches in his chin from a bicycle accident Friday afternoon (he's okay, thank you, God, just a little skinned up from hurling himself face forward over his bike onto the concrete driveway. Boys!!!!) and I told him I would post photos. So, I'll be back!


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