Sunday, April 03, 2005

Family Ties

I posted a nasty little blog about how my Auntie Linda told Mom about her surprise birthday party. Well, Linda claims that I never told her it was a surprise. She swears that she would not have told Mom about it if she'd known. apologies to my Auntie L, who is so cool that she wasn't even angry about the posting. She laughed and thought it was hilarious. [This does not, however, negate the fact that the women in my family cannot keep a secret. They know who they are and they know this is true.] After that conversation with Linda, I started thinking about the many times Linda and I have said that we are the only two people who "get" each other. One of us can say something so stupid and ignorant that everyone else around us will start stepping back, but she or I, the one who didn't say it, will laugh our head off at the one who said it. Our humor is very unappreciated at times. There are other ways in which we understand each other, too. When she calls me at night, wanting to go get coffee, or whatever, the first thing she asks me is, "Is your bra still on?" Not, "What are you doing?" Or, "Hey, you want to go get some coffee?" No. She knows that if I have taken off the bra I'm in for the evening! Rarely is there going to be an exception to this rule. Another one and then I'll stop: When one of us visits the other one for the first time in the other one's new home, we can go directly to exactly the place we need to find anything in the other's house. Linda could move to a new house, and completely unpack and set it all up in complete order, and I could go in and find a drinking glass, or a fork (even if there are twenty drawers in her kitchen) or find something like scissors in one attempt. We think we are actually twins separated by ten years and different mothers. I love you, Aunt Sister!

Happy Sunday to all, and I WANT THAT HOUR BACK!!

Much love to you guys,

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