Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Update On The Great Time That Could Have Been

I was having dinner with my cousins last night, since I rarely get to see them, and Luann’s returning to Austin tomorrow, and I learned something that makes me a little nauseous. Luann said that she’d talked to her friend who had our backstage passes to meet The Black Crowes (read my earlier post) and she told Luann that they went to a party after the concert. Here’s where I start to feel ill every time I think about it: the party was at Graceland. And we could have gone. And yes, Lisa Marie Presley was there. And who knows who else. That’s enough to make me want to weep as I write this.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I am crying right with you and I didn't even have a shot in hell to tag along.

I think I would totally faint if I met Lisa Marie.

Right after I shook her senseless for marrying Michael Jackson, that is!

Vanessa said...

I know! And I sure would have asked her about Nicolas Cage and WHY IN THE WORLD she divorced him. Come on!