Saturday, May 21, 2005

This Mom Has It Rough

Found this article on Yahoo News and I just had to publish it. You see, Emily and Reece are crazy about these games. I am so glad they are good kids and would NEVER try anything like this, right kiddos?

Boy Gets Trapped Inside Vending Machine

ELKHART, Ind. - A 3-year-old boy upset that his mother wouldn't let him use a crane vending machine to try to win a small stuffed animal took matters in his own hands. He climbed up the chute to get the prize himself.

Danielle Manges said she took her eyes off her son, James, for a moment to pick up a juice bottle he threw. When she looked up, he was in with the plush toys.

"I bent over to clean it and within two seconds he had climbed through the hole, into the chute and pushed the door shut so we couldn't get him out," she said. "He climbed up in the toys and was in there for a good hour."

Manges said James has been sick and sleeping odd hours so they went shopping about 3 a.m. Thursday at a Wal-Mart in the city some 15 miles east of South Bend. She let the boy play on some of the rides, but wouldn't give him money for the vending machine.

At first, Manges thought it was funny. "He was playing with all the toys and hanging from the bar like a monkey," she said. Manges said people leaving the store went back inside to buy disposable cameras to take photos of her son. She bought one herself. She became upset, however, when Wal-Mart employees said they did not have a key to let James out. So Manges called the fire department for help.

"I expected his hand to be caught in the machine but it was his entire body in the machine," firefighter Anthony Coleman said. "He was swinging from a bar, jumping around. He was having a ball." About 40 people watched as the firefighters removed the back of the machine and freed him.

James still came up empty handed. "He definitely didn't get a toy after that," Manges said.


your niece said...

that story is way funny. okay, here's the fishing story. yesterday, we were at steve's house and fishing at his pond. he had put 300 more pounds of catfish in his pond, so everyone was catching catfish like crazy. when my friend emily richmond's fishing pole started to pull like there was a fish on it, my dad started saying stuff like "don't pull too hard" and "reel this dude in slowly". well, emily started reeling it in and it got real close. i had the net ready so i could get the big fish emily the way, there's a little pier thingie coming out into the water at his pond. anyway, emily started pulling the fish in, and all of the sudden, four big plastic things started rising out of the water! emily had caught a chair that had previously served its purpose on the deck. after a minute of laughing, my dad said "catch and release" and threw the chair back into the pond. emily will never forget that fishing experience!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh, how funny! I bet Emily never thought she'd catch a chair! Glad you had a good time. I'm ready to go fishing, too!

Burfica said...

hahahaha well after my kid had been in there, I probably would have swatted his hiney. Oh well.

That fishing story is funny. I caught a duck once on accident. I casted out right as a duck landed where I had casted. And my hubby had a bat fly across his line when he was night hunting, and it got tangled in the line. hubby being the good guy he is, tried to free this poor bat, and it bit him. So, then he had to take him and the bat into the hospital, so said bat could get tested, and hubby got a series of rabies shots. Good times I tell ya. hehehehe

Vanessa said...

Eww...bats are the creepiest things. And ungrateful, too. I should title this section of comments "Fun With Fishing - NOT"

tylonia said...

Sounds like something Jada would do.

Vanessa said...

I know, Ty! Jada's clever enough to get herself into anything! I love her.