Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday With The Nephew

I’m having the best time right now. Reece is here and he’s playing with his Play Station, or PS2 as he says. The game he’s playing is called "Need for Speed Underground 2." I asked him exactly what the game was called because I wanted to blog it and he told me NOT to write "Two" but only the number "2" because it’s way cooler that way. He’s been designing cars and then racing them and showing me how fast he can drive around the curves. All the while, there’s rap music (I use the term "music" loosely here) playing on this video game. Yeah, not my cuppa, but hey, dude, I’m cool widit. (I’m too outdated to even be a geek.) I have to keep looking up from my computer to say "oh, yeah, I like that color, and that spoiler is really cool."
It’s not often that I get to spend time alone with Reece. Emily and their mom are in St. Louis at a Girl Scout thing, and Dave’s coaching softball. Last night Dave, Reece, and my brother, Don, and I went out for Chinese Food. That was a treat, too, having dinner with my three favorite men. Next time I need to invite Cousin Stepdad and then it will be the only men I think are worth having dinner with. Reece just installed Nitrous in (or on, I don’t know) his car and it now goes "reeeeeeeal faaaaast, Nessa" - guess I’d better go listen to some Snoop Dog and race some bright green sports car with an awesome spoiler.


Angela in Europe said...

Awwww, somehow video games are cute when played by young boys. However, they are not cute when played by 30 year old men.

your niece said...


Vanessa said...

Little grasshopper very wise for her age.