Monday, May 02, 2005

Guess Who I Almost Met Last Night?

I just woke up from a long afternoon nap. I started getting a migraine at work this morning and Nurse Beth gave me a Relpax. By the time I drove home I was almost blind, somehow made it home, and in thirty minutes I was out like the two dogs snoring on my sofa right now. Migraine is gone, and I just feel a little groggy, but not bad.

Yesterday was a day of fun in Memphis. My friend, Angela, and I met my cousins at the Stax Museum and then went to "Memphis In May" to see Elvis Costello. There were seven of us in our group and so we made arrangements to meet at a certain spot at a designated time after the concert. My cousin, Luann, being in the music business in Austin, was able to swing backstage passes for all of us to meet the Black Crowes. Only thing is, when we called her on her cell phone to find her, we were already at the meeting spot, which was outside the gate and they wouldn't let us back in. So, we missed the opportunity. None of us, except Luann, really cared. We are old. We had to work the next day. It was past Old Farts' Bedtime and we wanted to leave. Yes, I admit it. I also swore to myself that last night was my last MIM. When I go to a concert from now on, I want a seat. I'll stand when I must, but only long enough to applaud, then I want to sit back down and enjoy myself. Crotchety old woman I am now! However, for approximately seventy minutes last night I thought I was 25 years old. While EC was crooning and charming and singing and prancing around that stage (yes, he pranced) I stood there and danced and jumped up and down and screamed and hollered and mocked the drunk guy with very grey hair standing in front of me. It was great. My last MIM was one to remember. Thanks, Elvis C, and thanks cousin Lisa for getting the tickets! A big thanks, also, to Luann's friend, Tom, for walking me to my car last night.

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Anonymous said...

The picture of my nieces is soooo good. It's a good thing you didn't ask me to go. One, I too am a crochety old lady & I don't have a touch of strawberry or henna in my hair. Man, I would have been odd blonde out. So glad you girls had such a good time.
Auntie L