Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Alphabet Fun for Tuesday

I got this from Amanda, http://amandajohnson.blogspot.com/ . Everyone else, put your own up so we can learn more about you!

A is for Age - age is just a number, and mine’s too large. Let’s just keep it at that, k?

B is for Booze – I’m not a big boozer, but my favorite is a vodka martini in a very cold glass with three olives.

C is for Cookie you crave – yes. Oh, I have to select just one type? Oh, geez. Oreo Double Stuff, which are the devil but deeelish.

D is for Dating tip you'd give your son or daughter – dating leads to marriage, so don’t do it.

E is for Essential items to bring to a party - A keg of beer and a huge bowl of cheese dip.

F is for Favorite song at the moment – “Help!” The Beatles. Just heard it on the radio and now I’m singing it in my head.

G is for Goof off thing to do – go to Books-A-Million and browse around while drinking a latte.

H is for Hometown – sigh.

I is for Instrument you play - tissue paper and comb. Played the flute in junior high school. Was always last chair. I can poke around a little on the piano. Wish I played drums.

J is for Jam or Jelly you like - my Grandmother Bera used to make strawberry jam (PREserves) and it would melt in your mouth. I lived for that stuff when I was a kid.

K is for Kids – love ‘em. Maybe because I don’t have any. The best two are Emily and Reece, duh!

L is for Living arrangement - in a duplex with my sweet dogs, Abby and Roxy.

M is for Mom's name – Alice, which she doesn’t like, so she uses her middle name, Ann.

N is for Name of first crush - David Cassidy. I still love him.

O is for Overexposed celebrity? – Lindsey Lohan

P is for Phobias - Crowds. I will tolerate them but I get a little paranoid when I’m in one.

Q is for Quote you like - “You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.” Lauren Bacall to Humphrey Bogart – love that one.

R is for Relationship that lasted longest - ooh, not good at those. I’ve had my dog for six years; that’s longer than my marriage lasted.

S is for Siblings – two wonderful brothers, David, 5 years younger, and Don, eight years younger. They are my friends and I’m very lucky.

T is for Taxis, love them or hate them? - Considering how I loathe driving, I adore taxis and wish I could take one everywhere I need to go.

U is for Unique trait - not unique in any way.

V if for Vegetable you love – squash, spinach, love them all.

W is for Worst trait – short temper and big mouth are in competition for that one.

X - is for Xtra Credit, did you ever do it in school? - probably one or two times, but don’t remember. Why can’t we just omit the letter “X” from these things?

Y is for Yummy food you make - New York Style Cheesecake. Mine is the best.

Z is for Zodiac sign - Leo


Amanda Sue said...

yummy! i have made a cheesecake before but they are so badforyou and such hard work. hmmm... maybe tomorrow for lunch?

irene said...

U is for you are UNIQUE. and i would love to have some of this killer cheesecake, which is probably my favorite cake in the world. this was fun Vanessa, feel like i learned a lot about you!

Vanessa said...

Thanks, Irene. You are so sweet. I'd make you a cheesecake if you were my neighbor! Amanda, you too! (And it's not that difficult to make the one I make. I'll send you the recipe, Amanda, if you want it.)

your niece said...

I guess you can't make cheesecake for your neighbor right now, since she's a redneck and you pretty much can't stand her!!

Vanessa said...

Notice how all three comments have included the word CHEESECAKE?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you are not unique. If there were more like you I would be twice as lucky!

Your A is for Anonymous Auntie

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