Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Girl After My Heart

This blog is turning out to be a website for my niece. All I can say is, yeah, I know. My sister-in-law, Dawn, just faxed me an essay Emily wrote. I just had to post it. She made a 100% on it and her teacher said, “You are an awesome writer! Keep up the great work.” Here’s why:

“Out of all seasons, my favorite is summer. In summer, you can smell hamburgers grilling in the evening in someone’s backyard. You can feel the scorching sun beating down on you, and you can feel the scratchy sand between your toes on the beach. In summer, you can hear children’s giggles of happiness as they play together outside. I can almost taste the moist, juicy shrimp and sweet crab at the seafood restaurants on vacation. Another thing to taste in summer is the sweet freedom of not going to school. What you see in summer is the sun setting slowly as you sit with your family on the porch, as another day of summer ends. And when summer ends, it’s alright, because I always know that my favorite season will come again.”

Emily, your teacher is correct. I love your adjectives and your use of alliteration makes your images really stand out. This just shows that reading one million books by age eleven is definitely good for you!

Love to all,


Elaine said...

That's some seriously kick-ass writing for any age, not just for an 11 year old.

Keep it up, kid. You have a gift!

Amanda Sue said...

i am so proud of your relationship with emily. she is such a lucky girl to have such a cool aunt.

emily is also an exceptional writer! keep up the good work, sweetie!

Burfica said...

Hey....just followed you link from my blog. thanks for commenting. Yeah I think we should all move to Ireland. hehehehee. I'm gonna bookmark you and be back, kay???

irene said...

wow, that's amazing!

Halen said...

I loved what you said,I totally agree with you.


Vanessa said...

Awww...HI Halen, sweetheart! I'm sure your cousin, Emily, will be flattered by that. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. I love you, Doll!