Thursday, May 05, 2005

She Takes A Licking and Keeps On Swinging

First of all, congratulations to my niece, Emily, for hitting a home run that was outasite tonight!

Second, her team beat the Sluggers (their nemesis) 6 to 3! Way to go, FURY!

Third, Ouch! for the hit you took in the ribs, Em! I know it hurt and I hope you're icing it as I write this. You are so tough, my beautiful niece. You continued to play after that, however, and gave your team another run. What a trooper you are.

After the game I told Reece and Emily that I had something in my car for them. When I was at the Stax Museum last Sunday I bought them a couple of frisbees. I never see them in gift shops, so I thought they would be cool souvenirs. I bought Emily a hot pink one, like her softball team uniforms, and Reece got a neon orange one. How was I to know that pink is Reece's second-favorite color? He threw a little fit because Emily got the pink frisbee and he was stuck with orange. Geez.


the pink lover's brother said...

You know, only about, say, not even a year ago, boys that liked pink would be considered either crazy or sissy. Nowadays, boys liking pink or at least claiming they liked pink, like Reece, are "cool"!!!!! But a long time ago, boys' color was pink, and girls' color was blue. Later on, the colors switched, thankfully!!! Weird, huh?!?!

Vanessa said...

Very weird, indeed. But Reece isn't weird, he's the coolest 7-yr-old I know.