Monday, October 10, 2005

Saturday At The Park

Hello, Sweeties!
Originally uploaded by Aunt Vanessa.
Saturday afternoon the family embarked on our third annual family picnic. We wait until summer is over and the weather is nice, then we load up our vehicles with tons of food and head to the lake for an afternoon of playing and eating. Don cooks the burgers and Dave tells jokes and Mom and Dawn laugh at him and I take photos of Emily and Reece. After eating, we play football, or sit and moan about how full we are. It's always a great time and we all look forward to it every year. Mom brought the best banana pudding I've ever eaten this year. E-mail me if you'd like the recipe!


Elaine said...

That is an AWESOME shot!

Nicole said...

Ditto that yo. I love that pic of Reece and Emily.

InMama'sArms said...

that's a really great picture!

MistressMary said...

Good golly, those are cute kids! Pinch their cheeks for me.