Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The One In Which I Do A Massive Amount Of Complaining

I started a new job today. Another crappy, just-to-pay-the-bills job. The reason I started a new one of those is because I got fired from my old job last Wednesday. We’d been taken over by a new director and assistant director who know absolutely nothing about running a medical clinic and they got tired of me pointing that out to them. I never know when to keep my mouth shut, so out I went! Actually, it was a huge relief and I got this new job almost immediately, thanks to my former boss. It sucks, though. It’s extremely stressful, since the phone rings about a thousand times in a day, and I am lucky enough to get to answer all the calls! Can’t express how exciting it is to listen to old people complain about themselves. And the patients who come in are all fussy and complain about having to wait for two hours to see the doctor. I want to say, “Hey, I don’t care how long you have to wait, so shut up and sit down and stop bothering me!” I don’t say that, of course, I just look all apologetic and in my mind I’m saying, “Pretend to care pretend to care pretend to care.” This is working wonders on my patience level. My new coworkers, however, are all quite sweet and helpful and I enjoy them, so I can certainly handle the rest of the job because of them.

Next August I am leaving town and going elsewhere to obtain another master’s so that I can actually do something I will enjoy. I’ve scratched the PhD plan, since it’s almost impossible to find a tenure track position as an English professor anywhere in this country. So, I’m going to get an MLS degree, also known as Master of Library and Information Science degree and hopefully specialize in archives. There are actually jobs out there! (Why am I telling the internet? I don’t want everyone else jumping on this and competing with me for jobs!)

Anyway, this post has no humor, I’m sorry about that, but I’m not feeling very humorous right now. I’m just pooped out and sleepy and ready to veg for a while and read a book. After I read my favorite blogs, of course.

I promise to think of something funny or stupid to write about tomorrow, my friends!


Angela in Europe said...

You'll miss all the complaining one of these days! What am I saying, no you won't. But just think, in another year, you won't have that anymore.

candee said...

it's ok to complain, this is sort of your diary-right? Besides, I'm still LMAO over the pleather guy.;>

Elaine said...

Good girl! Go and do better if that is what your heart wants. I think going back to school is a brilliant idea and I applaud you for making plans to do it.


Tylonia said...

Well, I can see all is well with you.

MistressMary said...

Dude, I would SO complain if I had to wait 2 hours to see the doctor... but I'm sorry that you're the one who has to listen to them. And I'm sorry you got fired from your old job. BUT, you have a cunning plan so it's all good, right?