Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anticipation of Autumn

I sort of got all giddy when I read this. It made me excited about the upcoming holidays. Of course the best holiday is the one that lets you GET CANDY.

Now Elaine's post from today made me squeal a little.

Reece is doing much better today and gets to go back to school tomorrow.

Got my car back today. I had to fork over a ton 'o money for new brakes, and, although I don't mind it since I don't have a monthly car payment, it still irks me that I have to spend money on something that just gets me from point A to point B. I have no interest in cars whatsoever. They are an evil necessity as far as I'm concerned. I'm hoping one day to live in a city where I can take public transportation and not have to deal with an automobile. Of course, after about a week of buses or subways, I'm sure I'd begin to complain about them, too.

Got look at Elaine's darling and I'll be back tomorrow. "Nip/Tuck is beginning in an hour and I must do some chores first in order to earn my Hour Of Decadence!

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your niece said...

Wellll,ORLANDO BLOOM ON OPRAH earlier today made me giddy. I squealed. A lot.