Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's Thursday Thirteen Again!

Thirteen Things about VANESSA

1. I talk to myself in a British accent.
2. I’m good at mimicking voices.
3. I can tell you anything about an “I Love Lucy” episode before I’ve watched the first one minute.
4. I was in a sorority for one year in college. I thought it was stupid.
5. I have never felt that I fit in completely in any environment.
6. I am ready to move away from the South.
7. If I could time travel, my first stop would be sixteenth-century England.
8. I’ve had four surgeries in my life.
9. When I was ten years old, our house was destroyed by a tornado. We were huddled in the bathroom, which was the only room that was intact after the storm.
10. I believe in God. (See #9)
11. The worst spanking I ever received was right after I decided to be Tarzan and swing from my mom’s bedroom curtains. I broke the curtains and my mom broke my hind end.
12. My grandmother Bera used to bake me a pumpkin pie every time I spent the night with her.
13. I’m writing a play based on my mom’s family.

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irene said...

I sooooo want to hear you speak with a british accent!!!

candee said...

If anyone from Jonesboring, Arkansas could do it, it would be Nesser.

your niece said...

her british accent is pretty funny.

globalfriendshipnetwork said...

woohoo you are a cool gal