Monday, October 31, 2005

Emily Post Would Be So Proud

Emily dressed as Marilyn Monroe for her Cotillion Halloween Party Saturday night. I went over and helped her with her makeup before the party. She really looked gorgeous and it was hard to believe she's four months shy of being twelve!

We were talking about the dance and I asked her if they served any food at the party (of course I asked that) and she said, rather glumly, "Nothing but hard cookies and punch."

My brother, Dave, also her father, chimed in, "for what we're paying for Cotillion, she should be served Filet Mignon."

I then asked, "is it really expensive?"

Dave replied, "heck yes, it is."

Exactly a half second later, Emily let a huge burp that rattled the windows and woke up the dog.

"And as you can see, we're really getting our money's worth," my brother said.


Nicole said...

holy shit you really are Southern! Cotillion???

Emily looks awesome, of course.

irene said...

hahahaha. your family is so cool.

Suburban Turmoil said...

Va va voom! Unbelievable that she's only 11. You're going to have to watch out with the boys!

embarrassed said...

did you really HAVE to post that for the whole world 2 see!?!?

embarrassed said...

it slipped!

Anonymous said...

When you're this cute you can toot anywhere.
Auntie L

Anonymous said...

I meant burp!!!!
Auntie L