Sunday, October 02, 2005

Quality Time With Darlin' Nephew

Reece wore me out. We went on a quest for the perfect sneakers for Nephew Emelda on Friday night. The boy has more shoes than I do. After seventeen stops, and I now know that all grey sneakers are not the same, we found the shoes he was coveting. As he was lacing them, I said, "Well, if you get a pair, I get a pair." I thought he would start saying he was hungry or something, but NO, he asked me what size I wore and he took off searching for Auntie Nessie the perfect sneakers as well. He found a pair that were pink and grey and I loved them. They were cute and comfortable. I have struck gold with this boy.

Saturday, we went to the Nature Center (see my Flickr on the right) and went to look at puppies and lizards and tarantulas at Petco, went to a birthday party, and then I took him to my mom's. By the time I got home, around five o'clock, I could hardly make it up the back steps. Next thing I knew it was nine p.m. I had napped until dark and was really out of sorts. Great weekend with the nephew, though, and I would do it again anytime!

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irene said...

gotta have a picture of your sneakers!!! tReece is just too adorable.