Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My One True Love

Work is getting better. It's still not fun, but I'm getting used to the hectic atmosphere and I'm really tapping into my multi-tasking ability in order to keep up with everything I need to do at once. There are about ten doctors in the area where I work, and not one (except the one I've known most of my life) has bothered to introduce him- or herself to me, nor even speak. That's typical, I guess, but I don't like being invisible. One of these days I'm going to show up in a neon-colored tube top and platinum blonde wig and see if any of them speak to me then! I will say one thing that makes the job great: there is candy everywhere.

In other aspects of my life, there's nothing much to tell today. I went Halloween candy shopping today and that was fun. I just hope I don't have any Trick-Or-Treaters, 'cause I want all the candy for myself.

I guess my life boils down to one thing: searching for candy. It could be that I was addicted to crack or heroine, so really it's not that bad. All that stuff I said in a previous post about always having candy for Emily and Reece at my house was a lie. Yes, it was. The candy is/was/always will be for me. I will, however, gladly share it with you if you ever come to visit me. Just call first so I can go to the store and buy more.


irene said...

HAAAAA I want some candy too!!! I always buy candies I don't like for trick-or-treaters..... that way I can keep those I love!!!

Angela in Europe said...

I just went to the store in Germany and bought about 15 euros worth of chocolate. Understand the craving, yes, yes, I do....I have to go and eat some more chocolate now.

Amanda Sue said...

i have hidden away the halloween candy, but your post makes me want to go check on it. maybe i need to taste it to see if it is still good?