Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Woe Is Moi

Unless you enjoy reading about other people's minute problems (compared to all the worlds' problems,) just bypass this blog and go read something much more funny. I'm fixin' to rant a little.

I have been so stressed out this summer at work due to everyone leaving their jobs and having to assume so many more responsibilities. No one wants to read about someone's sucky job, so I hardly ever write about it, but I am so so so sick of the place! However, things are looking up, and within the next few weeks we'll have a new boss in the position full-time, and hopefully have the other position filled. I got to meet the new boss today, and although I am supposed to be impressed, I'm not. She is totally narcissitic and so very overly friendly and freaking perky all the time, that I know she's not sincere. However, fake as she is, she is upbeat, so I'm going to accept it and just get on with it. I can handle it for one more year.

Change of subject: The toe was getting much better until I banged it today and almost vomited from the pain! I have so much I need to be doing, yet I don't feel like doing it 'cause I'm being a baby. wah wah wah Just how long does it have to hurt to walk? I've broken a couple of toes before, but they were "inside" toes, so I could walk without putting as much pressure on them. I didn't realize how much we humans depends on the little stinking pinky digit!

I feel better now.


Daphne_Blue said...

I hope your job situation gets better for you soon. If you were to say, run with scissors and "accidentally" stab Ms. Perky McPerkerson in the eye maybe that would tone her down a notch, eh? Maybe after your toe heals. *wink*

MistressMary said...

Your poor toe! ow-eeeee. Rant all you want about the job. The internet hears you and nods sympathetically.

lisaalexander08791886 said...
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Suburban Turmoil said...

So call in sick because of your pinkie toe and spend the day watching soap operas and eating bon bons. There! An answer to both your problems!

By the way, I'm sure you want to know how to be a rich person, but if you don't want to hear from lisa alexander again, go to your blog settings under comments and make sure Word Verification is "on". Someone just taught me how to do this and voila! No more spam!

Nicole said...

Rant away. I love it when you're bitchy. *wink*

Wishing you and your toe a speedy recovery.