Thursday, August 25, 2005

How To Fool Oneself Into Thinking She's Actually Making Some Progress

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I think that in doing so, I was always setting myself up for inevitable failure. This year, I decided to make Birthday Resolutions. My b’day was July 28 and I got around to making the resolutions a couple of days after that, and then I forgot all about them. I found them today on my computer. They were just sitting there, judging me and ready to tell me what a bum I am. So, here they are, with comments:

1. Start exercising. Broken toe? Really good excuse to put this one off indefinitely.

2. Go to bed by eleven every night. Easy one, I do this already. Thought I’d include this one just to make myself feel better.

3. Put all those photos in scrapbooks. I’m thinking about this one, and plan to get on with it after I finish #5.

4. Wash my car inside and out. Never do, hate to do, too hot, broken toe.

5. Start studying for the stupid GRE. Definitely will start doing this Sept. 1. Swear it.

6. Take the stupid GRE. Going to in November. Swear it, too.

7. Get Netflix. Got Blockbuster Online instead, because it was a couple of bucks cheaper. Had it ONE WEEK and they raised their fees to equal Netflix. How about throwing me a bone just once in a great while, huh???

8. Learn how to check the voicemail on my cell phone. Oh, wow, I’ve actually done this one!

9. Hook up the wireless thingie on my internet. First I have to find the box that all this junk is in.

10. Or call my friend, John, and bribe him to do it. Probably will do this after I actually find the box with the software.

11. Cook dinner for my family. Well, everyone’s been on vacation, so I’ll have to get around to this one in the next couple of weeks.

Okay, so. I already do number one, (hee hee, I said I do number one) and I’ve accomplished number eight, so that’s almost twenty percent in less than a month. Not bad for the Procrastinator Princess With the Broken Toe Who Has A Talent For Deceiving Herself.


irene said...

HAHA, that's a very cool list. most of the things on it are actually on mine.

Suburban Turmoil said...

NETFLIX has become my ALBATROSS. We end up keeping our movies way too long, then we don't quit in time to not be charged for another month. So we're paying $20 a month for three movies. Ugh.

Wireless thingy- have a friend do it. Trust me on this.

Amanda Sue said...

take the scrapbooking off your list! scrapbooking is stressful, in my opinion. it was designed for people who have nothing to do to feel super-successful and productive. the rest of us just get behind and depressed.

also, GRE=Piece of Cake. i am sure you will do well!

for dinner -, bacon wrapped chicken. wow!

(now if i could just get to work on my OWN list...)

Anonymous said...

How much wine was involved in making this list? Just