Thursday, August 04, 2005


I finally managed to get my internet connected at home and now I can blog again! I’ve blogged at work a few times in the past, but it’s been so busy there lately I haven’t had time to even read blogs. Emily’s been complaining to me about not writing anything. Moving sucks. Luckily, it was under a hundred degrees last Friday, so my movers and I didn’t pass out. I hated going through all my stuff and packing, of course. I’d lived in my apartment for five years and had plenty o’junk. Also, this move is only for a year, so I intend to leave a lot of stuff in storage. Actually, I’m planning to eliminate a lot of it over the year, however. I figure, hey, if I can live without it for a year, why not chunk it? Except books, of course.

I do love my house and all the extra room I have. Abby and Roxy have a very large back yard and no one comes out and screams at me for letting them take a dump on “her side” of the yard. I’ve been hanging curtains in the kitchen and found that this task is much easier after two really large glasses of wine. (But then, what isn’t?)

Much more later, after I have time to think through some things.


Daphne_Blue said...

Wheee! I hope you're having fun settling into your new digs! :)

Ncole said...

Glad you're not dead! Congrats on the new space with plenty of yard to poop in.

Your dogs, I mean. Not you. Of course.