Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's Raining For The First Time In Over A Month

Emily spent most of last weekend with me, and we had such a good time. We really didn't do all that much, but we managed a little shopping, some Mexican food, some movies, and some chocolate ice cream, so that's a great weekend in my opinion!!

This is the time of year I begin collecting Christmas ideas. The only way I can enjoy the holiday is if I have my shopping finished by the beginning of November. I got a few ideas for Emily and then she mentioned that she wants a metal detector. You know, one of those things you see old men walking around with on the beach. Where on EARTH am I going to find one? I guess I should check Amazon.com before I ask. Also, where am I going to find those elastic sock supporters that she will have to wear when she's walking around searching for buried treasures? Do they come with the metal detectors? I bet they do, since all the old men who have the metal detectors are always wearing them. Whew, that's a relief.


Amanda Sue said...

HA! my dad loves to metal detect. he is a geologist and he loves to find cool old things.

he has a White's metal detector. she will also need a kneepad, spade, and knife. and maybe a book about old coins, cause she will find a lot of those.

good luck, and i hope this isn't a secret cause EMILY READS YOUR BLOG. :)

Belle said...


your niece said...

I just wanna say to Irene-Thank you sooooo much for the lip gloss you sent me. I love lip gloss and Hello Kitty, so Hello Kitty lip gloss was perfect!!! THANKS!!!

And, the only reason I want a metal detector is cuz of the buried treasure!

irene said...

Hi Emily! how sweet of you? but hey, a metal detector?!! Vanessa, I can't believe you are actually considering getting one for your niece, you are just the BEST!