Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Betta Male In A House Of Alpha Females

I was so surprised when my boss, well, since Friday my former boss, gave me a gorgeous royal blue Betta fish. His name is Shakespeare, but he seems to like it when I call him Shakes, so Shakes it is. I placed his new home on a shelf over my kitchen sink and he looks pretty happy. So, thanks, former-boss-now-just-friend Linda, for adding to my animal menagerie, even if he is a man. I'm sure Abby, Roxy, and I will learn to live with that fact!


irene said...

ok, I have a confession to make to you my dear friend.
I know, I know.

Amanda Sue said...

wow! he is gorgeous!

Nicole said...

[Claire is screaming "fish!" at the screen.] Welcome home, Shakespeare!

fuzzypeach said...

He's a nice one!

I have a betta named Moby:) He's kind of a slatey teal blue, and is quite old. They live a long while, for fishes anyhoo.