Monday, August 29, 2005

Boring Post For A Boring Weekend

I took a three-day weekend, this past weekend, and stayed home and kept my foot elevated as much as possible. I was hoping that by staying off the broken toe, it would be much better by today. It is somewhat better, but not completely healed. Alas, I must work, so today I trudged out in the rain and almost croaked when I saw the piles and piles of papers stacked, no strewn all about on my desk. No one in that place will take the slightest initiative and do anything for themselves. Well, there is one who will. The rest will not. There was even stuff on my desk to copy. I guess their copying fingers were broken Friday. I maintained my temper, however, and just got busy and tried to get it all done. I will save the killing for another day, like when I have PMS, since I hear that’s a pretty good defense technique my criminal lawyer can use when the time comes.

I watched a lot of DVDs over the weekend. I watched season four of "Sex and the City." It’s the one season of which I’ve seen in its entirety, but I didn’t realize that when I ordered it from my Blockbuster online rental. I’ve not seen seasons 5 nor 6 yet, but will before the year is over. I also watched “The Gift,” starring Cate Blanchett, Greg Kinear, Giovanni Ribisi, Katie Holmes, Keanu Reeves, and Hillary Swank. Billy Bob Thornton wrote it. You would think it would be a great movie with that cast and writer, wouldn’t you? Nope. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the Aunt Vanessa Movie Review Scale, I’d give it a 6, and that’s only because the acting was good. The story was awful. Then I watched “Boys and Girl From County Clare,” and Irish film about competing teams in a traditional Irish music contest. There was one girl in particular who was the protagonist and several boys in the story who were members of the musical bands. It was set in the early sixties. The teams have connections, and there’s ex-lovers, and brothers, and lots of humor, some predictable situations, but I loved it. Of course I have an affinity for ALL THINGS IRISH, so that sways my opinion every single time. I would give it an 8. I also watched “School of Rock,” again, since I still had the DVD from last weekend when Emily was here and watched it with me. I liked it. Although I’m not a huge Jack Black fan, I think surely this film was written specifically for him. I don’t know, maybe he wrote it? Or his best friend? Whatever, it was perfect for him and it was really cute. It held no surprises, but it was terribly enjoyable. It should probably get an 8, also.

I also watched a lot of QVC, which shows how bored I was. Trading Spaces was on TV about forty times, so I watched most of those episodes as well. I didn’t feel like reading at all. I’ve become a slacker about the reading, but will be starting a new one tonight.

Hope Katrina isn’t getting you guys. We’ve had heavy rain all day today, but no storms.

Take care,


your niece said...

My only question for you is, if you were so bored this weekend, why couldn't you find time to blog? You know how quickly your most loyal readers get bored!!!!

irene said...

this is my dream weekend Vanessa...

Daphne_Blue said...

Oh, I have that movie The Gift on VHS. I used to watch it all the time when I was pg with Marissa.

And your weekend doesn't sound boring. It sounds relaxing. There's a difference!