Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Night's Emmy Awards Were...Bleh

I must have been out of my mind last night to watch the Emmys. Why would ANYone spend three hours watching the cheesiest show ever unless she was extremely bored? I did take some notes, however:

1. Jon Stewart’s show won for writing. Did anyone notice that all his writers were white males? Are white males between the ages of 25 and 40 the only people watching his show?

2. The Best Dressed Award should go to Debra Messing. I loved her dress, hair, everything. And, she looked like she kept some pounds of her pregnancy weight. She looked a lot healthier. Terri Hatcher had the best jewelry, though.

3. Biggest Gag Factor: The Emmy Idol = people singing theme songs. Donald Trump singing the theme from “Green Acres” in Overalls?? What were those idiots thinking?

4. David Letterman’s tribute to Johnny Carson was the best part of the show.

5. Jimmy Smitts = hubba hubba, especially in a tux!

6. When I’m in my sixties, I would give just about anything to be as sexy as Holland Taylor.

7. I loved seeing Alan Alda. He’s such a good everything: actor, man, humanitarian. I’ve been in love with him since M*A*S*H.

8. “Everybody’s Tired Of Raymond” would be a good show.

9. Ellen Degeneres was good, but didn’t get enough time to really amuse us. Oh, and Ellen, dear, would it kill you to dress like a female just once in a while? Actually, I admire her for being herself, but crap, she would really look good if she’s dress up a little. I can’t help it, I’m Southern.


Nicole said...

I didn't watch, so this was a nice recap. I'd go with "Everybody Hates Raymond" myself, because I have never liked that guy or understood his popularity.

your niece said...

I watched a little of the Emmys, and I thought Macy Gray's performance was good, but then again she is such a talented singer!!

Vanessa said...

Yes she is, Em. I love listening to her.

Your cuz-in-law said...

I must say that I like Raymond, simply because I can relate. But I like my in-law's. And I think debra Messing could fall into a bucket of crap and still be beautiful. I want her hair. I missed out on watching, but luckily I have you-I knew I could count on you Ness!!/cr

p.s. any nip/tuck fans out there???