Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Heart Kitties, Really

I was just reading Stacey's blog, and she has posted some pics of her cat, Yoshi, and she attributed the idea to a site called It's hilarious if you like cats. Even more so if you don't.

(I love cats, and this site I mentioned in no way is harmful to cats. It's really just SO funny.)


irene said...

ok, you know I'm scared of fishes? well, I feel the same about cats. last year, I went to a friend's house who was fostering a stray cat. she (I think it was a she) sat next to me and I didn't even notice. just as I usually do with Finn, I started scratching her back, more like massaging I must admit. and before I could say "what?" I had two deep, big wounds on my right hand. and it was a STRAY CAT. every one was horrified and kept asking me about my vaccins and immunity history.

Anonymous said...
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