Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Reece's Choice

1. Stay home this weekend with Aunt Vanessa and:

Eat all the candy you want and watch Harry Potter Part III on Friday night.

Saturday go to Memphis to see the Wonders Exhibit, “The Art of the Motorcycle” [] and then go to Jillian’s, Memphis’s coolest arcade that also has a good restaurant (white pizza).

Eat more candy and play with Dooley, Abby, and Roxy.

Sleep in Mom and Dad’s bed with ALL THREE DOGS!

Sunday let Aunt Vanessa teach you how to play tennis.

Play your Playstation 2 as much as you want, until your eyes pop out if that makes you happy!


2. Go to Little Rock and suffer in the heat all weekend while Emily’s softball team plays in the state tournament, for the possibility, and only a slim possibility, that you will get to go to a water park for a couple of hours, either Saturday or Sunday.

I think it’s pretty obvious what choice he should make, huh?


the niffer said...

Dude, can I come stay with Aunt Vanessa? You're the funnest Aunt in the world!

Amanda Sue said...

hmmm... not much of a choice there. gotta go with the hope of air conditioning.

Eddo said...

yes, I am coming to stay with you IMMEDIATELY - candy, pizza, play station - Aunt V are you God and is your house Heaven?

irene said...


your niece said...

I positively LOVE playing softball, but staying with you sounds loke a lot of fun.....

Vanessa said...

Awww, you guys are the best.
Emily, I can't wait for you and me to spend some time together, too!