Sunday, June 05, 2005

If It Has Wheels, He Loves It

My nephew, Reece, is obsessed with cars. Cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, essentially anything with wheels. His range of knowledge about vehicles is staggering, too, considering he is only SEVEN YEARS OLD. He owns about, oh, 500 play cars and trucks and he plays with them all the time. If he sees one at the toy store that he doesn’t have, and is unable to buy it at that moment, he will store it away in his mind and think about it (and talk about it) until someone takes him to buy it! For Christmas he received a little motorcycle and he loves to ride it. It’s a battery-powered, or electric, or whatever, and it doesn’t make any noise and he can really zip around on it. Both of my brothers and I always had three-wheelers and motorcycles when we were kids and so it’s only natural that my brother’s son would have one, too. My other brother, Don, owns a motorcycle now and loves it. Whenever Reece sees him with the motorcycle he is in awe. Don won’t take him for a ride on it, because of the risk involved, and I am very relieved. I am now terrified of motorcycles and think they are entirely too dangerous, so it’s difficult to see my brothers and nephew so enamored with them.

I strayed from the subject. I took Reece to lunch and to do a little shopping Friday after I returned from Tunica. While I was driving us to lunch, he began talking about cars. I asked him what his favorite car was, and he said, “Hmmm...I’m going to have to think about that for a while, Nessa!” Then he told me all about his favorite type of truck and when I asked him what type of SUV he favored, he said, “I like the 2000 Yukon. It has a better body style than the newer ones.” He is SEVEN I repeat! I see a future in cars for the boy. I just hope it’s not as a Used Car Salesman!

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irene said...

HAHAHA! your nephew is incredible! but what i'm thinking right now is... what a wonderful aunt you are Vanessa, caring so much about your nephew and niece.