Saturday, June 04, 2005

Down By The River

Yes! I won a little money playing slots in Tunica at the Sheraton and then I went shopping and spent it all. That’s what illicitly-acquired money is for! Auntie Linda and I had a blast. I ate everything I could put on my plate at the Super Buffet For Anxious Gamblers and there wasn’t a chocolate truffle left in sight! I also drank a lot of “free” booze. I prefer beer at the casinos, because they can’t water those down to nothing, but I did splurge on a strawberry daquiri, complete with whipped cream on top. I think I tasted a little rum in it. I was slurping the bottom of the glass, too, but no one heard it over the sounds of the slot machines and craps tables.

While Auntie and I were playing, we visited with all the other gamblin’ gals sitting nearby and at one point Auntie asked me if I had a twenty dollar bill. She’d cashed out her machine and didn’t have any small bills, so I handed her a twenty. The woman sitting next to me said, “You two must be sisters or best friends.” Auntie replied, “Actually, she’s my daughter, but my sister gave birth to her when I was eleven and raised her for me and gave her back when we were both grown up. Now I get to enjoy her!” That’s exactly right. Now we’re best friends and sisters and aunt and niece all rolled into one. I’m so lucky to have her!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa: I like your blog and I like your list of authors. It's good that you are writing, even blogs, because I can see you do a good job. Keep working on it.


Anonymous said...

Someone used my name, Anonymous. Sigh....I really am glad Ann gave birth to you because you were a big baby, ouch, ouch!

If I ever go insane, okay when, I'm going to lock myself in one of these rooms at The Sheraton and never come out until the end.
Auntie L

Anonymous said...

Hey Ness, did that room have yellow wallpaper?....:] :]
Auntie L

Vanessa said...

No, Auntie, it didn't, but I promise to put you in a room with yellow wallpaper when you've reached the limits of's next Tuesday at 3:00?

Angela in Europe said...

See, I would be excited for you if I wasn't so darned jealous!