Sunday, June 12, 2005

I saw this on the window ledge at Emily's one day. Apparently, someone had been sneaking in and FEEDING and PETTING her Sea Monkeys when she was not home! Well, I think this note took care of that, because I didn't see anyone come NEAR the critters while I was there. And just in case her mom, dad, or brother didn't know whose they were, she signed the note. My niece is nothing if not thorough. Posted by Hello


Angela in Europe said...

Cool! I had sea monkeys not too long ago and you CANNOT feed them too much. They will die.

Cupcake said...

Sea Monkeys are such a weird first "starter pet" to give a kid. On the box they look like they're all having some big Posidean adventure, but really you just get a jar of cloudy water.